Poems by Irsin Kast (Daniel Mies)


Pull Yourself Together

by Irsin Kast (Daniel Mies)

No single one is better.
Reddened fabrications pass on
and through our heads.
Concocting weary tales of our stature
being different.Swinging the big oak doors
wide open and
leaping from the granite steps
over the threshold.Rolling down the slope
of busted skulls
and collar bones.Sliding into the tar pits.
With losers emptying
large bags of feathers
from above.
Chuckling because they don’t
get the least of it.Most of my days
I spend in my head
waiting for the second hand
to turn the other way.

Typing gibberish
that serves none of my
Talking to others
instead of facing my nightmares.
That’s real dishonesty
for you.
It’s a defensive manoeuvre
in which I’m the first to get it.
Totally pointless.

If I practice what
the circles have learned me
I know that forcing the light in

I know that the efforts
are rewarded
every time.

the fall
kills me
time and time again.

 Poetry©Irsin Kast (Daniel Mies)

Photograph©David Beck


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